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Hi, my name is Sveta and I live in Dallas TX. I've always wanted to a writer and I enjoy writing a great deal. I also love reading and often find unique type of books which I will share on this blog. I recently graduated from a university with a Bachelor's in History. I also love listening to unique  music and enjoy celebrating certain holidays by honoring them in my blog, at least recently. I try to uphold the heritage I possess which rather means that there will be holidays of Russian, (secular or Communist Russia) .No Christian holidays though.

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The reader can expect to find frank and honest reviews of books as well as authors. Popularity of a book means very little to me. If the book is considered a classic and has turned five billion people towards reading but I don't like it, I'll say so and list good points and bad points about them. For example, I'm not enjoying Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, but instead of writing "OMG what a great book," I'll be honest in stating that this is a boring book, that the character of Fanny Price is beyond repressed.

What the reader should expect from my blog are honest book reviews, as well as in-depth opinions about certain topics, and I'll do my best to honor certain holidays one way or another, and also they should expect to be entertained and at the same time will be presented with a unique point of view from which, hopefully, the reader can learn or at least ponder.

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I've started this blog for a few reasons: Originally I thought I could do something like daily life, but then I realized that I can't write such personal topic online. Then somebody recommended that I turn this to a book review blog, which I did. Mostly my family and I have different tastes in reading: my mother reads health magazines, my father enjoys reading science fiction or mystery novels and my sister enjoys reading chick literature novels such as Emily Giffin or Sarah? Green. I, on the other hand, enjoy reading all sorts of novels from all sorts of backgrounds, so it gives me a medium of where I can share my thoughts, as well as encourage me to read novels I haven't touched before. Also, very often, if I were to ask my parents if they have read a certain book, they always say, "Yes, when we were in school," and if the conversation should continue on, I'd ask them what its about or if they liked it, their response would be this: "I'm sorry, I don't remember sweetie, I read it about a hundred years ago."

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I try to update this blog very often.

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I don't use Facebook, this is the only blog that I have, although if someone is interested in getting to know me, they can write to me at svetUNDERSCOREchickATyahooDOTca or twitter me at Aurora851! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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